Women in Agroecology


Women are promoters of social change and actively participate in the construction and development of  Agroecology. Their productive and reproductive work in agri-food systems is of immense importance for food and nutrition security. Despite this, the historical and current situation regarding the recognition and appreciation of their work and their rights is incompatible with the role they have. We still have a long journey to support movements in the fight for gender equality in the countryside. These movements fight the invisibility of women's work, domestic violence, patrimonial violence (women do not have the same rights as men to inheritance and land ownership), the inadequate division of domestic work, unfeasible access to health services, and exclusion in decision-making processes. This space aims to disseminate information to contribute to these transformations.

Marcha das Margaridas

No ano 2000, foi realizada a primeira Marcha das Margaridas2 , organizada pela Secretaria de Mulheres da Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras na Agricultura (Contag) como parte da Campanha da Marcha Mundial das Mulheres (MMM)