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The digital hub ConectAgroecology is a space for members of the CPLP Agroecology Network and a tool to support capacity building and training of farmers, fisherpeople, and other food producers, technicians from public entities, and all people interested in developing knowledge and practices in agroecology. It intends to contribute to the development of Sustainable Family Agriculture in the CPLP and to the creation of food systems capable of providing economic, social, and environmental sustainability within the context of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries.

Here, everyone can find a space for permanent interaction, support, mobilisation, and sharing of knowledge and experiences among actors, training, capacity building, and exchange activities carried out individually or in groups.

Learn more about our history and perspectives with the contents below.

Centro de Competências para a Agricultura Familiar Sustentável

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Princípios da Agroecologia

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